Learning new tactics or techniques

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Learning new tactics or techniques

Let us take a moment to address the learning and maintaining muscle memory for new techniques and tactics. I look at tactics as tools to add to our toolbox. Like a construction worker or carpenter, we first learn how to use each tool then collectively how to combine the use of each tool to begin building great structures or repairing frameworks and such. In this exact same manner, I suggest that you put together an arsenal to utilize when the occasion arises.

First, the tools that I refer to are the striking and attacking principles which include the target areas of the body and the tools (weapons) we will use to destroy them. To be completely honest, it is not difficult to injure the human body. Having the skill to do so (injure) does not mean that this is what we will do to solve every problem. But in the face of extreme danger it is the only answer there is. Therefor just like training in the use of a firearm, we must also train the other tools to be used when confronted with unexpected and serious danger.

Being a specialist in Hand to Hand Tactics, I would like to offer some suggestions on how to hone your tools to face violence. There is a multitude of material available for tactics and techniques you can learn to help combat aggression from an opponent’s attack. However, there is very little on how to drill it and commit it to muscle memory. The best way to commit any tactic to muscle memory is of course through repetition. I also find that it is especially productive to use a timer and drill one technique over and over for, let’s say, a three minute round.

In this way you are not occupying your mind on counting off reps. Instead you are concentrating on repeating the move over and over again using proper form and execution. When learning new techniques you should always practice slowly at first to make sure that it is performed correctly. This will create good habits rather than trying to execute the movement fast and going through it sloppily. Guess what? If you practice something sloppily that is exactly how you will perform it when your life depends on it. How we train is how we react in an emergency. So train correctly so you can act correctly in a real situation. Mindset is everything when you are defending self or others in the street.

In future articles, I will be more specific with tactics and training methods. My whole ideology of hand to hand combat is not unique but it is very effective and will help neutralize a dangerous and violent encounter regardless of whether you are unarmed or using DPF with one of the many tools of Law Enforcement or Military. We welcome your input and hope you will stay with us as we attempt to keep everyone safe and healthy. Train hard and stay safe.

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