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Let us take a moment to address the learning and maintaining muscle memory for new techniques and tactics. I look at tactics as tools to add to our toolbox. Like a construction worker or carpenter, we first learn how to use each tool then collectively how to combine the use of each tool to begin building great structures or repairing frameworks and such. In this exact same manner, I suggest that you put together an arsenal to utilize when the occasion arises. First, the tools that I refer to are the striking and attacking principles which include the target areas...

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Keeping America Safe   Let’s Keep America Safe. It is not just a slogan, it is a way of life. Let’s face it, keeping America safe is up to all of us. We all have a job to do. So what can we do as individuals? We must prepare, train and stay informed. First, we prepare mentally for the task at hand. That could be anything from placing a call for help all the way to getting involved physically to end a threat or help someone in need. Inactivity is our worse enemy in the face of conflict. Ask yourself...

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