What is an EDC and How to Choose an EDC Knife that Suits You

Choosing EDC, EDC, Everyday Carry Knife -

What is an EDC and How to Choose an EDC Knife that Suits You

Choosing an EDC Knife

EDC Stands for everyday carry. Usually referring to a knife but can also be a concealed carry weapon such as a firearm. When you are looking to purchase an everyday carry knife, there are a few things that you have to consider. First, you should consider what features will be most useful for you as you go about a normal day in your line of work. Are you a first responder who may need to break the glass on a vehicle in order to rescue victims of an accident and then use a seatbelt cutter in order to extricate the injured? Are you a handy person that may need to continuously open packages and cut bindings therefore requiring a straight, very sharp blade? Do you need a blade that you can deploy easily with one hand such as a spring assisted folder? Or are you an outdoors-man that needs a fixed blade knife capable of gutting or skinning fish or gutting big game animals? Maybe you work construction and could use a multi-tool type instrument that happens to include a blade.

It is also possible that your need is something else. Perhaps your interest is in self defense. There are many knives that fit this bill quite adequately. One of my favorite EDC knives is the Karambit. It is a very effective fighting knife. It has a curved blade which is sometimes sharpened on both sides. It has a finger hole at the very end so that when you insert your index finger it makes it extremely difficult to strip the knife away making retention of your weapon an easy task.

Whatever the case, you must first consider what features will suit your needs the closest, then select from a myriad of options that are available. There is no shortage of attributes and cool features that will make your search fun and fulfilling.

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