Fisher Space Pen Police Pro Matte Black Retractable Pen

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This Police Pro Matte Black Space Pen has a rubberized grip, triangulated barrel, and an extra strength clip and writes under harsh conditions even upside down. This is the ideal pen for Police and other Law Enforcement Officers. When you must write in all conditions such as cold, rain, snow and extreme heat, this is the only pen that will do. Pen Color: Matte Black. Retractable pen with Fisher PR4 Pressurized Black Ink Medium Point. Comes with Gift Box. Size: 6.5 x 1 x 1.5 inches.

  • Style: Retractable
  • Cartridge: Fisher PR4 Pressurized Black ink Medium point
  • Packaging: Gift Box
  • Pen Color: Black Matte
  • Size: 6.5 x 1 x 1.5 inch