Stansport Pro III First Aid Kit

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The Stansport Pro III Hiking First Aid Kit is lightweight and comes in a flexible organizer case, so it can be used on the go. Offering organization, versatility and convenience, this travel first aid kit has a zippered closure on the main and inside chambers, securing the contents. This case features several individual pouches, allowing for optimum organization of first-aid supplies. This mini first-aid kit contains 82 essential first-aid items, including moleskin for blisters and a first-aid guide.

  • Pro III Family First Aid Kit gets you prepared
  • 80 plus pieces of first aid equipment
  • Lightweight and flexible organizer case
  • Offers organization, versatility and convenience
  • Zippered closure on main and inside chamber
  • Case has individual pouches for organization of first-aid supplies
  • Ideal size for easy storage and portability